Food Bangkok Limited is a fast-growing company based in ChaiyaphumHagop_1 Province, north-east of the capital Bangkok, that supplies an extensive range of food and beverage products all around the world.  Our prime goal is to provide you with premium quality food and beverage products at affordable prices.  Led by corporate ethical conduct, Bangkok Food Limited is fully committed to offer you security and peace of mind by delivering goods with the utmost integrity, efficiency, and punctuality.

The company has four shareholders and six employees.

Hagop Kassabian is the Managing Director with a wide experience in food and beverage industry as he was the Marketing Manager for GlaxoSmithKline in the Middle East region, including the Arabian Gulf. His ability to manage businesses in diverse cultural environments such as the Far East comes after working as Business Development Manager for a leading firm in Thailand in the past five years.  Mr Kassabian is multi-lingual (English, French, Arabic, Turkish, and Armenian). He is married to a Thai national, Mrs Phatcharin Phirmokit, who is the Administrative Manager of the company.