We enjoy good relationship with more than 100 prospective factories in Thailand that manufacture a wide range of food and beverage products, allowing us to constantly evaluate their reliability, capacity, quality, and pricing.

Food Bangkok Limited supplies products from ultra-modern factories with efficient production processes to make sure that your brands can compete successfully in the market. Even the fruit and vegetable seeds, which are distributed to the farming communities, are controlled for quality to ensure consistency in freshness, colour, size, and flavour. Moreover, farmers are constantly educated about planting and harvesting as well as the latest farming technologies available for improving crop quality.

Stringent quality control tests are applied throughout the entire process of production by professionally trained specialists. To cite an example, our factories select the rice from the best plantation regions, they store, upgrade, and pack it under sanitary conditions and advanced technology.

Moreover, our employees have been trained intensively on the hygiene, sanitation, and food safe practice of our manufacturing processes. Using premium raw materials with high-tech machinery and automatic assembly line processes, our products maintain high quality. Our factories have obtained quality awards and certificates to ensure international standards of production (See the section Certification).