Rice is the most widely consumed staple food when compared to other eatable commodities around the world. And Thailand is the largest rice exporting country around the world with 6.7 million tonnes of exports (Source: International Grains Council 2012).

We have many types of Thai rice products, including jasmine rice, pathumthani fragrant rice, white rice, brown rice, glutinous rice, and parboiled rice.

Our factories select the rice from the best plantation regions. Then they store, upgrade, and pack it under sanitary conditions and advanced technology (See Factories). Our rice is packed either in cartons or master bags with many different types of packaging such as polypropylene bags (PP), polyethylene bags (PE), and woven bags (or jutes). It is also available in customized packaging.

Thai Jasmine Rice (Thai Hom Mali Rice) Thai Pathumthani Fragrant Rice Thai White Rice Thai Brown Rice Thai Glutinous Rice Thai Parboiled Rice